100 Day Project 2021 Is Complete!

Quilted Postcards 76 – 100 I’ve said this before, but it’s still true – as with any long term project, I am both sad and relieved to be finished with 100 quilted postcards. I’ve really enjoyed reaching out to people and getting to hear back from them – and what a great time to beContinue reading “100 Day Project 2021 Is Complete!”

Quilted Postcards: 31-50 Halfway There!

The first 50 days of this year’s 100 Day Project have flown by – I finally chose a project I am happy to be doing every day. In fact, I’ll miss sending postcards when the next 50 are all signed, sealed and delivered. I’ll admit to having times during the previous two year’s 100 DayContinue reading “Quilted Postcards: 31-50 Halfway There!”