100 Day Project 2021 Is Complete!

Quilted Postcards 76 – 100 I’ve said this before, but it’s still true – as with any long term project, I am both sad and relieved to be finished with 100 quilted postcards. I’ve really enjoyed reaching out to people and getting to hear back from them – and what a great time to beContinue reading “100 Day Project 2021 Is Complete!”

The 100 Day Project, Part 4 FINISHED!

Quilt Designs 61-100 Whew! All done with The 100 Day Project! It’s been quite an undertaking for me, surprisingly so. I enjoyed making all the little quilt squares, and it was a good exercise thinking of the various quilting designs – but 100 is a lot! I had to take a long hiatus, both lifeContinue reading “The 100 Day Project, Part 4 FINISHED!”

The 100 Day Project, Part 3

Quilt Designs 31 – 60 Here’s the latest in my quest to do 100 quilt designs in 100 days – and already it’s not 100 consecutive days! But I’m getting it done – and most importantly enjoying the process. These are the designs up to #60, and that’s all I have done so far –Continue reading “The 100 Day Project, Part 3”

The 100 Day Project

#The100DayProject is a free global online art project I’ve decided to participate in this year. The idea is to committ to 100 days of making something and sharing your progress daily on Instagram. My chosen art form is, no surprise here, free motion quilting. I’ll be using several hashtags so that my posts show upContinue reading “The 100 Day Project”