Welcome to the blog! Here I share more detail about quilts and other projects I’m working on.

Quilt Vests!

After making a quilt jacket for myself and one for my mother, both my husband and my son asked me to make them one too! So I took the same pattern from Patchwork and Poodles and modified it to make them each a vest. Keep in mind, I am not a garment seamstress at all.Continue reading “Quilt Vests!”

Irish River

My most recent pattern is called Irish River – because it’s a single Irish chain quilt and the pattern of greens and blues reminds me of a river winding through the countryside. We visited Ireland years ago and I’ve never forgotten how beautiful the greens are there! I made this one for my son andContinue reading “Irish River”

A Quilt Coat for Mom

I finished up another quilt coat! This one for my mother on her 87th birthday. This quilt pattern is called Bear Paw – a traditional pattern from the mid-1800s. I do have a tutorial with photos on my webpage if you’re interested. It’s a simple block, but very effective. Again, the coat pattern is fromContinue reading “A Quilt Coat for Mom”

Stardust Quilt Pattern

Exciting news! I am about to release my first quilt pattern! It is called “Stardust” because obviously it’s a star quilt, but also it’s a scrappy quilt that shines with the stardust you find in your stash 🙂 It is beginner friendly, but suitable for someone who’s been quilting a while too. I include manyContinue reading “Stardust Quilt Pattern”

My Very Own Quilt Coat

I’ve been watching on Instagram as many a quilter has shared a completed quilt coat, getting more envious by the post. I am not a garment maker – nothing I’ve ever attempted has fit. I tried to make cute little outfits when my kids were little – and they wore those attempts, because, well, IContinue reading “My Very Own Quilt Coat”

Big Sky Star Quilt

Isn’t this a lovely design? I used a pattern from Plains and Pine, in Bozeman, MT, called Big Sky Star to make this quilt – I tweaked it slightly to make it bigger and give some more space around the star points – but isn’t it a striking? The main reason I bought the patternContinue reading “Big Sky Star Quilt”

Indigo and Led Zeppelin

My son sent me the indigo dyed fabric in this quilt for my birthday. Oh happy day! The deep indigo color is so vibrant and rich – and from the little bit of dyeing I’ve done myself, I know that a blue like this takes multiple trips into the dye vat, and getting it soContinue reading “Indigo and Led Zeppelin”


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