Long Arm Quilting Certification Complete!

I could not be more excited to receive this diploma! This is the culmination of 5 months of hard work with lots and lots of time spent quilting. The certification program was an online course through American Professional Quilting Systems (APQS) that required our completed quilts to be mailed to the teachers for evaluation andContinue reading “Long Arm Quilting Certification Complete!”

Nautical Flags For Two Nautical Themed T-Shirt Quilts

These two quilts were made for two sons in memory of their father – who was a was an avid sailor and sail boat owner. The father also designed t-shirts for the sail boat regattas held just across the state line at a large lake – so not only do the sons have t-shirts wornContinue reading “Nautical Flags For Two Nautical Themed T-Shirt Quilts”

Traditional Blocks Set Off T-Shirts

I recently finished this quilt for a mother to give her adult son for Christmas – he is working towards becoming a Baptist minister, and these are t-shirts from various mission projects and Christian youth groups he has been involved with along the way. The only direction she gave me was to use Univeristy ofContinue reading “Traditional Blocks Set Off T-Shirts”

A Boy’s Life as told by his t-shirts

I recently completed the biggest t-shirt quilt I’ve ever done – 78 shirts lovingly saved by one mom for her son. She contacted me to make the t-shirt quilt for his college graduation, so I first assumed it would be his collegiate sports t-shirts – but to my astonishment she had saved every one ofContinue reading “A Boy’s Life as told by his t-shirts”

Re-purpose, Re-use and Remember: Some ideas for using favorite T-Shirts.

The idea of reusing, recycling, and repurposing appeals to me on many levels – of course from an ecological point of view, the less we throw into our landfills the better – but on a personal level there is much to be said for finding new life for something that is old, maybe out-of-style, orContinue reading “Re-purpose, Re-use and Remember: Some ideas for using favorite T-Shirts.”

A Graduation T-Shirt Quilt for Our Son

Our son attends Montana State University in Bozeman, MT – and will graduate in May. He requested a t-shirt in MSU colors – but only wanted three t-shirts in it. With that in mind  here are pictures of what I came up with. I am very happy with the way it turned out – theContinue reading “A Graduation T-Shirt Quilt for Our Son”

I’ll start things off with a recent t-shirt quilt…

I’ve been making t-shirt quilts now for several years – and I’ve been trying to make them as artistic and unique as I can. I will admit it’s quite fun to watch the reaction of my customers when they see their finished quilt the first time – very gratifying when they are so happy andContinue reading “I’ll start things off with a recent t-shirt quilt…”