The 100 Day Project, Part 4 FINISHED!

Quilt Designs 61-100 Whew! All done with The 100 Day Project! It’s been quite an undertaking for me, surprisingly so. I enjoyed making all the little quilt squares, and it was a good exercise thinking of the various quilting designs – but 100 is a lot! I had to take a long hiatus, both lifeContinue reading “The 100 Day Project, Part 4 FINISHED!”

Vintage Sewing Machines that Live at My House

For a recent birthday, my husband gave me a Singer Featherweight sewing machine. Well, to be strictly accurate, I found her on Etsy and since it was within a day or two of my birthday, I just called her my birthday present (sort of reminds me of the Lord of the Rings “my precious” butContinue reading “Vintage Sewing Machines that Live at My House”

New Life for Old Quilts

Recently I’ve been making things out of old, ratty quilts I find in antique stores – usually for not very much money because the quilts are in such sad shape. So in keeping with the philosophy of getting something from nothing, I’ve turned these quilts into stuffed animals, pillows and home decorations. The ultimate reuseContinue reading “New Life for Old Quilts”

Baby Quilts for My Baby!

I am about to be a grandmother! This is the first grandchild on our side of the family (the other side has 11, so are already well-versed in grandparenthood!) The little guy is expected to arrive in early October, so it won’t be long now. Of course when our daughter told us she was pregnant,Continue reading “Baby Quilts for My Baby!”

Tracey and Peter’s Wedding Quilt

I had the pleasure of making a wedding guest book quilt for the sweetest people recently! My son’s girlfriend’s name is Taylor (coincidently so is his) and this quilt was for her mother Tracey and boyfriend Peter. This quilt was Taylor’s gift. The wedding was in Estes Park, CO and we were lucky enough toContinue reading “Tracey and Peter’s Wedding Quilt”

The 100 Day Project, Part 3

Quilt Designs 31 – 60 Here’s the latest in my quest to do 100 quilt designs in 100 days – and already it’s not 100 consecutive days! But I’m getting it done – and most importantly enjoying the process. These are the designs up to #60, and that’s all I have done so far –Continue reading “The 100 Day Project, Part 3”

The 100 Day Project

#The100DayProject is a free global online art project I’ve decided to participate in this year. The idea is to committ to 100 days of making something and sharing your progress daily on Instagram. My chosen art form is, no surprise here, free motion quilting. I’ll be using several hashtags so that my posts show upContinue reading “The 100 Day Project”