More Quilted Postcards: The 100 Day Project 2021 continues…

Postcards 11 – 30 Of the three years I’ve participated in the 100 Day Project, this has been the best by far. I am having such a good time with these postcards. Just the simple act of making the postcards is fun – like making a tiny quilt every day. Picking out the fabric andContinue reading “More Quilted Postcards: The 100 Day Project 2021 continues…”

More Quilts in the Time of Covid

More quilt finishes for my personal “Quilts in the Time of Covid” coffee table book (I’m only half joking – I think I will make myself a photo book to commemorate the year from hell. Although it was a very prolific year in terms of quilting!) These next three quilts all use flying geese –Continue reading “More Quilts in the Time of Covid”

Rainbow Scrappy Quilt

Making quilts from scraps is truly my favorite way to work. It’s such joy to play in the scrap bins – I keep them organized by color, which makes it easier to find the right piece of fabric (I could do a whole blog post on organizing scraps – in fact there are entire booksContinue reading “Rainbow Scrappy Quilt”

Baby Quilts and Wall Hangings

After completing the 100 Day Project of embroidery, I have jumped back into quilting. It was worthwhile taking a break and doing something different creatively – but I am very glad to be back to my true love of quilting. And due to Covid19, my Artist in Residence status continues, with plenty of time toContinue reading “Baby Quilts and Wall Hangings”

The 100 Day Project 2020 Complete!

Embroidery Designs 51-100 It always feels good to finish a long project, and this one is no different. Having the 100 Day Project to work on during the pandemic was truly a lifeline – each day I had some little embroidery piece to keep my hands and mind busy. Working on this has almost beenContinue reading “The 100 Day Project 2020 Complete!”