…the quilter behind the blog

“Inside every quilter is a masterpiece.”

~ anonymous

I love the positivity of that quote! I remind myself of it every time I start a new quilt. That no matter the end result, this quilt is MY masterpiece with my personality, artistry and love all mixed together.

My name is Ann, and I live on a farm in northwest Georgia with my husband. I have two grown children – one with her own family in Tennessee, and a married son in Montana. And of course we also have a dog.

This blog is all about my quilty adventures. I mostly use it as a way to share pictures of various projects I’m working on or have finished. Sometimes I have something profound to say, but usually not so profound 🙂 I’m just sharing whatever is in my head at the time – trying to put a little beauty and creativity out into the world! If you are interested, you can follow me on Instagram: @bluebeaglequilts.

Why “Blue Beagle” Quilts? Originally it was in honor of our sweet blue tick beagle, Aggie. She showed up on our door step one Friday evening and made herself right at home – she spent many an afternoon under my sewing table or under my long arm quilting machine keeping me company as I worked. But our dear little friend Aggie died in May 2020, so I guess now I’m Blue Beagle Quilts in memory of her. So sad, I sure do miss her!

Now enter Frankie, our new doggie friend. She’s a “bagel” – which is a beagle and bassett hound mix. “Frankie” because, like Frankenstein’s monster, she looks pieced together from several different dogs! Like all our other pets, she is a second hand dog – we got her from a sweet couple who, due to some health issues, couldn’t keep a dog as “exuberant” (read: wild and rambunctious) as our Frankie – but we have plenty of room for her to run off all the her energy, so she is fine and dandy with us. A good fit for all, and a happy ending so the sweet couple doesn’t have to feel bad about re-homing her. She too has wriggled her way into our hearts, and I have another companion keeping me company as I quilt. Now we go on many hikes and adventures together!

I’d love to hear from you!