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Ann Simpson


Ann has been sewing and crafting since  she was a little girl. She has been making quilts for 10 years, and using a long arm machine for about two. Ann quilts with a BabyLock Crown Jewel. She is drawn to making something functional, and yet still beautiful and artistic. Ann lives on a farm in the Northwest Georgia mountains with her husband. She has two grown children.

Photo by Kyle's Photography

Why "Blue Beagle" Quilts?


Named after their beagle, Aggie, who showed up on the doorstep one fine day. Aggie's coloring is called "blue ticking" - thus Blue Beagle Quilts!

Photo by Kyle's Photography

Blue Beagle Quilts

Blue Beagle Customers say:

“Ann made a beautiful quilt for each of my grandchildren which we will cherish forever.”  - Janet

"Ann does beautiful work! Her exquisite choice of fabrics combined with her skill in the design and sewing process result in quilted pieces that will be family heirlooms. She is a truly gifted artist whose medium is fabric, needle and thread." - Christa

Ann's work shows imagination, creative craftsmanship, passion for her chosen medium of art (quilting and other magical ways she creates with needle and thread). Sewing is much too mundane a word to describe what Ann does quietly and humbly.  - Jamie