Stellar: A New Star Quilt Pattern

A Star Quilt and Half Square Triangles: these are a few of my favorite things!

This is Stellar. I love star quilts, and half square triangles both – so this pattern combines them in one quilt! I made mine scrappy. For the color part of the star I used some leftover charm squares, used yardage for the background. Even the binding is scrappy. This big white one is 64″ x 64″.

Look at how sharp it looks with a black background! The black one is 32″ x 32″. I’ll be thrilled to hang it in my studio, but for now both of these are on display at my local quilt shop.

Pattern options

I like to give quilters choices so that they can make the my pattern their own. Specifically, this star quilt includes three size options, and a border option. To keep the proportions of the star the same, I enlarged the size of the half square triangles. The white one is the biggest and uses 5″ squares. There’s a medium one that uses 4″ squares and the black one is the smallest using 3″ squares.

Do you need a Queen size quilt?

Further, Stellar has full page directions on how to add optional wide borders. This way you can make the white version of Stellar into a queen size! As a new quilter, using other designer’s patterns, I was often disappointed they didn’t make quilts big enough for a bed. I thought maybe other quilters felt the same way, so I addressed that in this pattern. Once added, the star is sized to fit the top of the bed, while the borders will hang over the sides.

I can’t give you any more specifics than that or you’ll never buy my pattern! 🙂

Behind the scenes taking pictures

The day I took these photos was a windy Georgia day. This video shows what I was dealing with! I really needed a quick picture of Stellar hanging straight down for the cover of the pattern. Wasn’t easy!

Stellar on a windy Georgia day!

Quilting Design

For the quilting itself, I did an all over flower leafy vine organic doodle. It was a joy to quilt. That’s one of the things I like best about having a long arm. The machine just glides over the fabric! Consequently, I can just get in the “zone” and quilt instinctively. Very relaxing.

If you’re interested in the pattern, visit my shop and give it a look!

Thank you for reading, I do appreciate it! Remember: when life gets scrappy, make a quilt!

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