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I belong to an online quilting bee with members from all over the US. We are part of a large group called Do Good Stitches, but divided into smaller groups of 10 called circles. I am part of the Peace Circle and our charity is Project Linus. Which as the name suggests from the character Linus in Peanuts, is an organization that donates blankets, afghans and quilts to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need – sort of a hug in the form of a quilt.

Our Process of Making a Bee Quilt

Our members take turns picking the pattern for the quilts – it was my turn this fall. I asked the other women in my circle to make the 9 patches – two in each color way. I made all the black and white quarter triangle blocks. The circle used my Argyle Nine Patch pattern. Once the ladies mailed me their blocks, it was my job to put the top together, and to quilt them. Each quilt is approximately 45″ x 54″, so a bit bigger than a traditional baby quilt. I think the bright colors look happy and cheerful and are set off well by the black and white. As you see, these are wonderfully scrappy and any color palette works!

I did an all over quilt design on both – a wavy line with figure eights on the warm one, and a string of beads of the cool one. Both are fun and quick designs – I encourage you to try either yourself. I have a long arm quilting machine, but these are both very doable on a domestic machine.

An Unexpected Find

While moving in closely to take a photo of this black and white stripe I used for the binding, I noticed something that has been right under my nose and I’ve never paid any attention to – look to the right of the quilt on the fence rail – see that plant growing there? Lichen perhaps? Whatever it is, isn’t it dainty? Such lovely color and texture in the vivid little red areas and puffy green ones. I’m always rewarded with a miniature wonder of nature when I slow down and take a longer, closer look at every day things. Does this happen to you as well?

Labels let the quilt recipient know you thought of them!

Do Good Stitches provides quilt labels for us to add to our finished quilts. This way the recipient has some idea of where the quilt came from. I do hope the kids know the quilts were made with love and with them in mind. The quilts really are a hug in fabric form, and we do all wish them only the best. We rarely know exactly who ends up with our quilts, but it is still rewarding to think we might be helping a child who is in need. Do you do any charity quilting?

I thank you for reading about these two quilts for Project Linus! Please reach out if you have questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you.

Peace, and merry Christmas, my quilty friends ~Ann

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  1. 99, This is such good work…both the artistry and the cause…thank you, thank you for making this happen. The details are fabulous…I am always charmed by your designs and your tags!

    And yes….slow down….pause….enjoy the lichen! Xx, 29

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