Every Which Way

Is it conceited to say I love these quilts? I don’t mean they’re the best quilts ever, but I so love flying geese and I so love bold colors set off with white, that these little baby quilts check all my boxes haha. The quilt would look great with so many colors and the layout is so versatile – I hope you might find some inspiration here to make this quilt your own!

I have two friends who have had babies or grand babies recently – so I have recipients in mind for both of these. At the moment, both quilts are at my local quilt shop, The Stitchery, in Rome, GA so neither mom will get these for a while. I’m beyond excited The Stitchery is carrying my quilt patterns – so if you need a paper pattern, you can get ahold of them and they can send you one. For now, I just have digital versions on my website.

I’m sure you can tell that it’s the same flying geese block, just arranged differently. My pattern includes several different layouts, so you can chose which you like best.

With the pink one, I quilted a spiral flower pattern. And the blue one has round leaf shapes with a little hook in them. These photos don’t do a good job conveying what I quilted, but the texture is what matters to me, and both are lovely to run your hands over 🙂

Also, you could just add blocks if you need a bigger quilt – I would love something this bold and graphic as a bed quilt. Hmmm… maybe that’s a new project for me!

Peace my quilty friends,


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