Quilt Vests!

After making a quilt jacket for myself and one for my mother, both my husband and my son asked me to make them one too! So I took the same pattern from Patchwork and Poodles and modified it to make them each a vest.

Keep in mind, I am not a garment seamstress at all. Therefore, that fact that I was able to successfully make these jackets and vests, speaks highly of the pattern designer! So if you have any thoughts of making your self a jacket, I highly recommend Patchwork and Poodles.

For the vests, I used a canvas with cotton batting. I used a panel approach and essentially made mini quilts for the pieces of the vests – two for the front, one for the back and one for the collar. The guys chose their colors and gave me a rough idea of what sort of design to use on the back. I stuck with straight line quilting to keep it simple. I machine washed and dried the panels, then cut out the pieces – I traced the pattern directly on the mini quilts first, then cut on the outline.

The modifications I made were on the collar and the pockets. The original pattern features a pointed collar – I made these even with the front edge of the vest instead. And for the pockets, I made both a slide pocket with the opening on the side and a snap pocket with a flap with the opening at the top. Both are flannel lined. I have a heavy duty Singer sewing machine that came in handy with the many thick layers of the pockets – you could do it on your domestic, but you’d have to be creative to minimize bulk. I’m pretty happy with this machine though – inexpensive and just a click away from being delivered to your door. Sure makes life easier!

I sewed one of my labels in the neck – you can see the square seam line on the back, but it’s in matching thread and under the collar, so it’s not too noticeable. Brass riveted snaps for a closure and you’re done!

You are a kind audience, and I thank you for reading 🙂 Happy crafting quilty friends!

Peace! ~Ann

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