A Quilted Vest

I’m on a roll with these quilt coats! This time I modified the pattern from Patchwork and Poodles even further for my husband. First of all he wanted a vest, instead of a coat – that was easy enough, I just left off the sleeves, and put bias binding around the arm holes instead. And since the coat pattern is made for a woman, including some narrowing at the waist and a bit of a flare around the hips – I had to straighten the sides to eliminate that.

The major alterations needed only involved the pockets and the collar. My husband wanted the collar to end up even with the front of the coat, instead of coming to a point. That was easy as well, I simply cut the collar out longer and after it was attached, cut it off even with the front edge of the vest. Additionally, he was interested in a flannel lined collar so that he could bring it up against his neck and face when it’s chilly. So I added extra riveted snaps along the collar so he can snap the collar around his neck.

The pockets are completely different from the pattern. This was the hardest part of the modifications, but I took notes so I can do it again if I need to! My husband wanted flannel lined pockets that are nice and warm. I made a slip pocket so he can slide his hands in from the side. But, I made a double pocket – on top of the slip pocket I added another pocket with a snap flap so that he could also put things in there and have them be secured by the flap. Since the vest is essentially a canvas mini quilt (two layers of canvas and one of batting) the vest is fairly thick. The pockets are also multilayer, even though I did what I could to minimize bulkiness, they are also quite thick. I used my regular domestic sewing machine to construct the vest, including attaching the pockets and my machine did a decent job – particularly since it’s made for sewing and quilting (which it handles admirably). But I whined enough about how much easier his projects would be if I had a serious heavy duty machine…. and yay! He agreed, and so I now also own an inexpensive Singer Heavy Duty machine to add to my collection!

My husband chose the pattern and colors for the back. I made a quilt with this design and he’s always liked that quilt. It’s a simple set of flying geese and a square in a square design. I like it – it’s bold and graphic but the colors are still kind of subtle.

Photo bomb by Frankie

For the quilting, I just did straight lines using the aforementioned domestic sewing machine. I made the quilted panels and washed them before ever cutting out the pieces – that way all the shrinking happens before the vest is made. He wears it all the time, and it fits well, so I’ll consider it another quilt coat success!

Now my son wants a vest! I’m flattered.

Thank you for reading! Please reach out if you have any questions or comments!


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