A Quilt Coat for Mom

I finished up another quilt coat! This one for my mother on her 87th birthday. This quilt pattern is called Bear Paw – a traditional pattern from the mid-1800s. I do have a tutorial with photos on my webpage if you’re interested. It’s a simple block, but very effective.

Again, the coat pattern is from Patchwork and Poodles – I highly recommend it. And I used EQ8 quilt software to design the panels for each section of the coat.

My mom was very sweet about the coat – I brought my sewing machine and all associated accoutrements to my parents’ house to make the coat there. Every time she came into the room to watch me work she would comment on how much she liked the fabric, or the design or the quilting. And once it was finished, she wore it around the house and repeatedly looked at herself in the mirror so she could see it on. I was flattered.

Now my husband wants me to make him a quilted vest! High praise indeed!

Thanks for reading and happy quilting! Ann

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