My Very Own Quilt Coat

I’ve been watching on Instagram as many a quilter has shared a completed quilt coat, getting more envious by the post. I am not a garment maker – nothing I’ve ever attempted has fit. I tried to make cute little outfits when my kids were little – and they wore those attempts, because, well, I bribed them. Many years later, when I see pictures of those outfits, I now understand what my mother meant when she used to say, “looks like they got dressed out of the missionary box.” This really is no exaggeration. So you can understand my reluctance to attempt a quilt coat…

I found a “chore coat” pattern by Patchwork and Poodles that I really liked – a boxy, more casual fit that seemed easier than some that are more tailored. Eliane (yes, Eliane, not Elaine) included videos of every step, and excellent instructions, as well as quite a few variations. I can’t say enough positive about her pattern – if a quilter with my lack of apparel making skills can have success, then truly any one could. I actually wear this coat out in public, and perfect strangers stop me and comment on it.

For my first attempt at a quilt coat, I chose to use the quilt panel method, rather than cutting up a vintage quilt. Frankly, I was afraid I’d ruin a vintage quilt. I designed the quilt panels myself – these are essentially tiny quilts, for each part of the coat. One made for the back, and two each for the front and sleeves.

For the finishing details, I chose to face the front edges and use riveted magnetic snaps instead of buttons. I actually like the way the metal rivets look, which is convenient because I wasn’t about to use this project to discover the joys of buttonholes. The bottom of the coat, collar seam and sleeves are bound with bias tape.

I couldn’t be happier with the finished coat! After I told you what my mother’s comment was regarding my seamstress skills earlier – you’ll understand what a compliment it is that she asked me to make her a quilt coat for her birthday!

And that’s exactly what I’m working on now 🙂

Thanks for reading, and happy quilt coat making! Ann

  • Coat pattern by Patchwork and Poodles
  • Quilt pattern by Blue Beagle Quilts
  • Fabric Bella Solids from The Stitchery, Rome, GA
  • Glide thread, hook spiral quilt design on coat itself, straight-line quilting on collar and pockets
  • Quilter’s Dream 100% cotton batting
  • Magnetic snap rivets in gun metal black from Klum House

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