100 Day Project 2021 Is Complete!

Quilted Postcards 76 – 100

I’ve said this before, but it’s still true – as with any long term project, I am both sad and relieved to be finished with 100 quilted postcards. I’ve really enjoyed reaching out to people and getting to hear back from them – and what a great time to be connecting with folks I haven’t been able to see for the past year.

In 2020 when I did the 100 Day Project, I was hoping that by the end of the one hundred days life would be better… and of course it just kept getting worse. But this time, in 2021, for me personally things have improved since the start of the one hundred days – the best is that I’ve gotten both doses of the Covid vaccine and have now seen my daughter and her family again after such a long stretch of missing our young grandson. I’ll see my son soon as well. Thank you science! What a medical miracle! I feel like a caged bird being let out after a long long winter…

Truly, these quilted postcards have helped me keep my sanity! Now that the project is finished, I feel energized and ready to start something new – and it’s been an awfully long time since I felt energized about anything! I’ve rearranged my sewing room and cleaned out and organized my supplies and fabric – clearing the decks and making space, both literally and figuratively, to start afresh.

Thanks for following along on my 100 days!

  • 76. Nighttime Sky
  • 77. 4 Patch Variation
  • 78. Rainbow French Braid
  • 79. New Album
  • 80. Checkerboard
  • 81. Dutchman’s Puzzle
  • 82. Heagon Log Cabin
  • 83. Pinwheel Twist
  • 84. Lilac Lane
  • 85. Candy
  • 86. Friendship Star
  • 87. Dresden Sunshine
  • 88. House
  • 89. Amish Shoo Fly
  • 90. Cathedral Window
  • 91. Diamond Log Cabin
  • 92. Disappearing 9 Patch
  • 93. Red Cross
  • 94. Double Cross
  • 95. Clay’s Choice
  • 96. Blue Bowtie
  • 97. Arrowhead Puzzle with fussy cut kitty
  • 98. Rainbow Clam Shells (raw edge appliqué)
  • 99. Open Envelope
  • 100. Pineapple

The last hundred days have been quite a journey. I hope you’ll consider doing the 100 Day Project next year yourself – I’d love to see what you come up with!

Happy Quilting!


One thought on “100 Day Project 2021 Is Complete!

  1. Happy that you have gotten your groove back, Stella! I showed my sister your postcards. She was amazed by your talent and creativity. Well done!
    Love, Jamie

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