Sawtooth Star Quilt

Another Pandemic Quilt! Hopefully this is the last finish during this time, as I got my second vaccine dose a few weeks ago, and my Artist in Residence Program will therefore end soon. I have a few more completed tops awaiting their turn to be quilted, and one more that needs to be bound. I’ll probably count those as pandemic quilts in my upcoming personal coffee table book entitled “Quilts in the Time of Covid” I’m making for myself on Snapfish.

This Sawtooth Star quilt is for my daughter and #1 son-in-law (a little wink and a nod to him as he is my ONLY son-in-law) and it is a queen size. I put an extra row along the bottom since he is tall and I want his feet to stay warm! Their only request was to use blue and gray, so this is what I came up with.

The Sawtooth Star is an old traditional block, and is also know as Evening Star, Variable Star and North Star. The name sawtooth star was first published in a magazine called Farm and Fireside in 1884, and was so named because the points are reminiscent of the sharp teeth of a saw.

The stars are arranged in an offset rows to give the quilt a bit more modern feel. Also I tried not to quilt it too densely so that it would stay soft and flexible.

This is one quilt I’ve made recently that isn’t totally a scrap quilt – I made a pilgrimage to my local quilt shop and had the pleasure of walking every aisle checking out the bolts of blue fabric. Ahhh bliss! 🙂

Below are a few shots of the simple quilting, and the quilt label I’ve recently started using.

I plan to make a tutorial for this block, and I have an idea percolating around in my head – I’m thinking of posting a “block series” where I look at a traditional block and find some history about it, make a tutorial, and offer a few setting ideas for each one – maybe monthly? Depends on how long it takes me to make the block and take pictures, and then write up a tutorial. And depends on if anybody reads said block series 🙂

Thanks for reading about my Sawtooth Star quilt!

Happy Stitching!


2 thoughts on “Sawtooth Star Quilt

  1. 99, When I’m not running around like a crazy person for work, I will go back in time and read and hopefully complete every monthly block you blog about! In the meantime, I do so enjoy the history behind the patterns, and I like when you add a splash of modern like with L’s. Interesting how adding all that navy space makes it feel very 2021 rather than 1821! Beautiful quilt. How many times did you have to wash the navy fabric to ensure it would not bleed into the crisp whites? Love, 29

  2. Another beautiful quilt! You continue to amaze me. How was your visit to Knoxville? I can only imagine how good it felt to hold that sweet boy.

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