100 Day Project 2021 carries on!

75 days into the 100 days and the project is still making me smile every day – I love sending these little guys out in the world to say, “hi I hope you are doing well”! I made a short (free) tutorial on how to make these mini quilts – which is really all they are. A quick make, and doesn’t require a lot of materials – just the Peltex Ultra Firm interfacing, but lacking that, you could use card stock. Take a peek at it, maybe you’ll be inspired to make one for a friend who needs cheering up! Look under the “tutorials” tab.

Postcards 51-75

  • 51. Pinwheel
  • 52. Lotus Flower raw edge appliqué
  • 53. Tiny Dresden Plates
  • 54. Rail Fence (2 rails)
  • 55. New Album (and Frankie the Photo Bomber)
  • 56. Selvedge Leaf raw edge appliqué
  • 57. Whirlwind
  • 58. Six Pointed Star (and a John Deere wheel)
  • 59. Hen and Chicks? Not sure about this one.
  • 60. Variable Star
  • 61. Spool Block (and a big ol bee!)
  • 62. Cheerio
  • 63. Contrary Wife (who came up with THAT?)
  • 64. Peeps raw edge appliqué
  • 65. Nine Patch variation
  • 66. Hexagon Rainbow
  • 67. Bear Paw
  • 68. Unknown
  • 69. Twinkling Star
  • 70. Four Patch in a Four Patch
  • 71. Whirligig
  • 72. Flower (buttercup)
  • 73. Crossed Canoes
  • 74. Goldfish
  • 75. Flying Geese Arrows

Thank you for reading and happy stitching! Stay safe!


3 thoughts on “100 Day Project 2021 carries on!

    1. Hey Jamie – yes I made Snapfish books the previous two 100 Day Projects, and will do the same this year as well. I may also make myself a poster with all 100 postcards on it – sort of like those posters you see with all the doors on them – The Doorways of Rome kind of thing.

  1. 99, It occurs to me – are these photos from a COLLAGE maker?

    Agreed the postcards bring me joy – in full transparency – I continue to be a little salty when my favorites don’t come my way – still haven’t recovered from your grandson receiving the Peeps postcard! I guess I could watch the tutorial and make my own…..

    The patterns and quilting are such fun – know I’m also enjoying the background location of the pictures of postcards – from flowers to tractor wheels!

    Presentation and execution – delightful!

    Xx, 29

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