Quilted Postcards: 31-50 Halfway There!

The first 50 days of this year’s 100 Day Project have flown by – I finally chose a project I am happy to be doing every day. In fact, I’ll miss sending postcards when the next 50 are all signed, sealed and delivered. I’ll admit to having times during the previous two year’s 100 Day Projects where I had to force myself work on my project – sometimes felt like a dreaded assignment for some class, even though the project was totally self-imposed. But fortunately, not this year!

I have to share something I learned from a texted debate I had with a dear friend of mine, regarding the spelling of “selvedge” or “selvage” when talking about the tightly woven edges of fabrics (here’s looking at you 29!) I googled it, and as it turns out, both are correct! The term comes from “self-edge” and means the fabric has “self-finished” edges that won’t need hemming to keep from unraveling and fraying. I thought that was an interesting tidbit, so I’m passing it along to you!

And now, without further ado, here are numbers 31-50.

The postcard numbers and block names refer to the group pictures below each list.

  • 31. Twin Star (with little fussy cut orange birdie in the center)
  • 32. Selvedge arrow raw edge appliqué (with little puppy dog print near the center)
  • 33. Hour Glass blocks
  • 34. Flying geese
  • 35. Square within a square within a square
  • 36. Nine Patch variation
  • 37. Pumpkin Seed raw edge appliqué
  • 38. Crazy Quilt block
  • 39. Square within a square version 2 (and a cool fire hydrant in Hoover, Alabama)
  • 40. Hawaiian style appliqué
  • 41. Layered heart raw edge appliqué
  • 42. Flying geese version 2
  • 43. Card Trick variation
  • 44. Another selvedge edge block (cute little berries!)
  • 45. Stacked coins
  • 46. Shamrock raw edge appliqué (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!)
  • 47. Rail Fence (just two rails for this one)
  • 48. Log Cabin variation in rainbow order
  • 49. Stairway to Heaven? Not sure if this one has a name, but that was suggested to me on Instagram
  • 50. Birds in the Air

Thanks for reading this short post, and following along on my 100 Days of Quilted Postcards!

Happy Stitching!


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  1. I always love reading about your quilting adventures. Keep up the great work. I love mine and I also love the Hawaiian one. All are lovely.

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