More Quilted Postcards: The 100 Day Project 2021 continues…

Postcards 11 – 30

Of the three years I’ve participated in the 100 Day Project, this has been the best by far. I am having such a good time with these postcards. Just the simple act of making the postcards is fun – like making a tiny quilt every day. Picking out the fabric and the colors, deciding which little block to make, actually writing the note – then the icing on the cake is getting a return text or note from the recipients, whom in many cases, I haven’t talked to in a long time. It makes me want to revive the custom of writing letters. Somehow this has been different from sending Christmas cards – which can sometimes seem like a chore, where this does not. Maybe taking it one at a time helps. (hmmm… a lesson there for next year’s Christmas cards? Don’t put it off until the last minute? Don’t do all of them in one go? Novel idea…)

I can see the season changing in these photos – I often put some postcards in my pocket while a walk with our dog Frankie, and take pictures as we go. I look for anything with texture or color that maybe the card would look nice against – which forces me to notice little patches of flowers or running water or farm machinery, that normally I might’ve just walked right on by. (got to get those steps in!) So after 30 days of taking photos outside, I can now see signs of spring – and spring is a glorious thing in the South! Except for the tornadoes, but I digress. Spring sure can lift the spirit!

Here are the most recent postcards. The numbers and names of the different blocks is below each group.

  • 11. Log Cabin with kitty in the center
  • 12. Card Trick Variation
  • 13. Shoo-Fly
  • 14. Sawtooth Star
  • 15. Raw Edge Applique Heart with selvedge edges
  • 16. Snowflake Raw Edge Applique
  • 17. Fleur-de-li Raw Edge Applique
  • 18. Little Kitty Raw Edge Applique with selvedge edges
  • 19. Rail Fence
  • 20. On Point Selvedge Square
  • 21. Half Square Triangles
  • 22. Half Square Triangles 2
  • 23. Broken Dishes (Half Square Triangles)
  • 24. Triangles
  • 25. Sawtooth Star (Half Square Triangles)
  • 26. Flower Basket
  • 27. Nine Patch
  • 28. Churn Dash
  • 29. Sawtooth Star Raw Edge Applique
  • 30. More Half Square Triangles

Thank you for stopping by and having a look at my little project!

Happy Stitching everyone!

2 thoughts on “More Quilted Postcards: The 100 Day Project 2021 continues…

  1. I look forward to seeing your new creation each day. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. 99,

    The micro-quilts are just the bomb!

    I enjoy the burst of color and joy each day on Instagram, @bluebeaglequilts.

    Pairing with the march to spring is an inspirational sentiment, agreed seeing the flowers and leaves starting to bloom helps put this whole mess of the pandemic and politics in the rearview winter mirror….onward…more color….more belonging! More joy! Xx, 29

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