100 Day Project 2021

And we’re back with the next installment of the 100 Day Project! This year the organizers are trying something new – a winter time start. They took a poll and overwhelmingly we chose starting in February instead of April. I like that idea – it’s still cold and dreary now, but by the time we get the 100 days over and done with, we will be well into spring. And more importantly, hopefully will be well into getting the majority of us vaccinated.

This time around I’ve decided to make 100 unique quilted postcards and mail them to friends and family. Originally I intended to mail the postcards themselves – but after a trial run of sending one to myself, I changed my mind. It took almost 10 days to arrive, and was a bit worse for the wear – so I decided to put them in an envelope instead. This also gives me the ability to send a letter with each one, instead of just having the limited space on a postcard to write a message. Only 10 days into the 100, I have already enjoyed reaching out to people to see how they are fairing. To me, there is something satisfying about an actual piece of “snail mail” rather than a text to let someone know I’m thinking of them. Kind of old fashioned. We still can’t safely get together yet, but I am using this as a way to stay connected.

Below are the first 10.

  • 1. Broken Dishes
  • 2. Pineapple (paper pieced)
  • 3. Courthouse Steps (cute little sock monkey)
  • 4. Selvedges (Note the one with Leap and the Net Will Appear)
  • 5. Churn Dash
  • 6. Postage Stamp
  • 7. Pinwheels
  • 8. Chevrons using Half Square Triangles
  • 9. Dresden Plate
  • 10. Eccentric Star

As an added benefit – I am having fun walking all over the farm to find a place to snap a photo. Funny how you notice colors and textures when you really start looking. No doubt there’s a lesson in there somewhere, but let’s not over think it.

If you are on Instagram and want to watch the 100 Day Project in real time – I am @bluebeaglequilts, or search #bluebeaglequilts100days and #100dayproject2021. Lots of inspiration out there!

Thank you for stopping by, I do appreciate it. Stay safe everyone!


One thought on “100 Day Project 2021

  1. 99, To date I could make a compelling case for each of the 10 as to why they should be mailed to ME! Some it is the choice of fabric – I mean come on plaid – that needs to go to someone that respects the Scottish clan mindset, or how about pattern – how many conversations around Dresden Plate (and Dresden), or how about items made from selvages or selvages used as earth friendly packing materials…..just sayin if some of your postcards don’t show up…picture me furiously driving around the country (in the snow!) joyfully “borrowing” from mailboxes of your beloved clan! (fake friends/fake family) I’m rescuing the postcards!

    Again, these postcards are a bright spot on Instagram and even though I won’t receive ALL of them know each one I see brings some sparkle to my day. Xx, 29

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