The 100 Day Project 2020 Complete!

Embroidery Designs 51-100

It always feels good to finish a long project, and this one is no different. Having the 100 Day Project to work on during the pandemic was truly a lifeline – each day I had some little embroidery piece to keep my hands and mind busy. Working on this has almost been a compulsion – or at least a priority in my day. The sameness of our routine during The Time of Covid has been both comfort and annoyance, broken by thoughts of “what can I embroidery today?” I had hoped by the end of 100 days life would be back to normal, but that was just wishful thinking! At least now I have little embroidery hoops hanging all over the house, and many sent off as cards or gifts as well.

On the other hand, I’m glad to be moving on. 100 days is a long time! And my sewing and quilting were on hold while I was busy embroidering. Now I’m ready to get back to quilting! It’s good to take a creative break once in a while – I feel re-energized and ready to jump back in. I’ve already signed up for several virtual classes and a virtual quilt retreat – I’m looking forward to talking with other quilters and sewists from across the country and the world. What fun!

Below is the second half of my 100 Day Project – numbers 51-100. That’s a lot to unpack in your inbox, so I’ll refrain from commenting on each piece. A few deserve a caption, but I’ll keep it as brief as I can 🙂 Of course I talked about each piece on Instagram, so if you feel like searching that out, visit #bluebeaglequilts100days or @bluebeaglequilts.

I made up some of this designs, but I also bought some – I gave credit to the many talented designers on Instagram each day, but I’d like to mention some here as well: Lynny Lou Crafts, Wandering Threads Embroidery, Sublime Stitching, Needle N’Thread, Beth Colletti, Jessica Long, The Floss Box, Rosanna Diggs, and Aimee Ray. Thanks and thanks again!

I thank you all for the kind comments on many of these posts on Instagram – it made my day during a trying time for all of us. Time to get back to quilting! So many ideas bursting in my head!!!

Happy crafting! Be safe, wear your masks – but stay in contact with your friends and family. We need to reach out to each other, even if we can’t do it physically, we need to do it virtually.

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  1. I looked forward each day to see what you would craft that day. Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity.

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