The 100 Day Project 2020 Part 2

Days 26-50

My Artist in Residency continues… In some ways I can’t believe how fast the last 50 days have gone, and in other ways the time continues to drag. The only word I can use to describe life now is surreal. I still haven’t seen my far flung family – but hopefully that will change in the next week or so. Plans are in the works to get tested and then visit. So that improves my outlook.

But sadly, our little beagle died a week ago, and we are still reeling from the shock – maybe when I can talk about it, it will help me to blog about her. She was, after all, the beagle of Blue Beagle Quilts. I will always remember her when I think of The 100 Day Project – I am hopeful that sooner rather than later those memories will bring a smile, instead of the current tears.

On to the embroidery! Below are the next 25 – I am up to 50 now, so half way there! Again, if you want to see the posts daily, follow me on Instagram @bluebeaglequilts or go to the #BlueBeagleQuilts100Days to see them all together.

A few notes about those shown above: #28 The little Yoda (pattern by Olive and Fox) I posted on Star Wars Day “May the 4th Be With You” – just gotta love it! #29 the beautiful tree, I posted on May 5th for my son’s birthday – sewed it to a card and mailed it to him. #30 was for Nurse’s Day on May 6th – also made that one into a card and sent it to my daughter who is a nurse.

#31 Isn’t that monogram P wonderful? That one was for a Mother’s Day card (pattern by NeedleNThread). #32 Mercer Law was for a friend who graduated from Mercer University Law School in May. #33 The Way of the Shell for a dear friend’s birthday – another card made! And the hoop (pattern by Jessica Long Embroidery) was a Mother’s Day gift for my mom.

#37 The dog is a take on my logo for Blue Beagle Quilts – which I am still contemplating whether or not to add a little blue to her ear… #38 the pineapple was another birthday card for a friend.

#40 is a decorated face mask. I decided to make myself a nice one – I figure if you need to wear one (and you do!!) it might as well be pretty.

#48 is, of course, in tribute to Aggie, our beagle. I traced over a photo I have of her and embroidered just the out line. I will revisit this picture, or maybe a different one, and fill it in with thread painting – right now my skills are not honed enough to do it justice. #49 was for Memorial Day and #50 is the ocotillo plant – a favorite that grows in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona – my desert hiking buddy will appreciate that one!

Thanks for reading. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “The 100 Day Project 2020 Part 2

  1. I continue to marvel at your creativity and persistence. Well done. I look forward each day to see what you have come up with. So sorry about Aggie. 😞

  2. 99, As I’ve told you – in the chaos of my life these tiny stitchings brighten my day, I really look forward to the surprise – like unwrapping a precious gift each afternoon. Seriously, on many days, the picture anchors something special in my life, all of our lives, that with my chaotic work days I would have missed without the precious visual. I took two of them to be framed! I’ll show them off when I get them back. Much love, 29

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