The 100 Day Project 2020

Also known as my Artist in Residence Project

I’ve decided to participate in the 100 Day Project again for 2020. Since we are all staying at home and trying to stay healthy, it seems like perfect timing. I’m going to do something different this year instead of my usual quilting. I’m going to attempt some hand embroidery. It’s a new skill for me, as I have not done much handwork. And right now I’ve got nothing but time, so I might as well learn something new. I am hoping by the time the 100 days are over things will be looking up! And it’s never a bad thing to put a little beauty out into the world – so here’s my attempt to put something cheerful on social media!

If you are interested in seeing the designs on a daily basis, please follow my Instagram @bluebeaglequilts and #bluebeaglequilts100days. The 100 Day Project itself is very cool to check out as well #100dayproject or #100dayproject2020. There are some seriously talented folks out there – I’ve seen a variety of things, from haiku, drawing, painting, graphic design, quilting, sewing, jewelry making, baking… It’s quite impressive, as well as uplifting. Join in yourself – it’s never too late!

Designs 1 – 25

A little note regarding number 16: That one I copied a little birdie drawing a potter friend of mine did on some tea mugs. I just laid the fabric over the image and traced it, then stitched it in the same colors she used on the mug. So cute! If you had any kid art you could do the same with process with that – so fun! Your kiddos would love it, and you’d have a sweet keepsake. Hmmm… maybe I’ll look through my attic and see what my kids did back in the day that might work…

The numbers on the bottom are written with a Frixion pen that will come off easily with an iron or blow dryer. Each little piece fits in a 4″ round or oval hoop. I have to admit I’ve enjoyed learning all the different stitches and figuring out a design in which to use them – which surprises me. I thought I would be bored by now, but happily, I am still looking forward to coming up with something for the next day. Yay!

To give credit where credit is due – I have watched many tutorials and poured over stitch diagrams online from a number of websites including Lynny Lou Crafts, The Floss Box, Needle N Thread, and Jessica Long Embroidery – thanks ladies, you are all extremely talented!

Thanks as always for reading. Happy stitching! Take care and be safe everyone!


One thought on “The 100 Day Project 2020

  1. 99, Your 100 Day Project has been a visual treat for me, I look forward to the pictures arriving in my Instagram feed, thank you for sharing. Somehow in this chaotic world these sweet embroidery pictures are very calming to my kinetic brain, seriously they make me think everything is going to be ok. I’ve had many favorites, your fierce attention to detail and artistic muse are an inspiration. Love, 29

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