The 100 Day Project, Part 3

Quilt Designs 31 – 60

Here’s the latest in my quest to do 100 quilt designs in 100 days – and already it’s not 100 consecutive days! But I’m getting it done – and most importantly enjoying the process. These are the designs up to #60, and that’s all I have done so far – but after a busy spring and summer of client quilts, I’m ready to get back to the 100 Day Project!

The best and most FUN part lately has been receiving a comment on two of my Instagram posts by one of my favorite quilters, none other than, Lori Kennedy! The design below, one of the purples ones, number 33 – the square flower – is hers. I have her book, Free Motion Machine Quilting 1,2,3 and frequently find inspiration on literally every page.

Lori also commented on one of the pink ones, number 40. So now my quilting life is complete 🙂

I have been asked a few times about how I take the pictures since I’ve said I don’t have any kind of light system or even a camera – so below is a shot of my “photography studio” which is just my cutting table and mini quilt wall covered up with a plastic photo drop cloth from Amazon. I use my iPhone camera and those over head lights are all I have. The black tape is gaffer’s tape – no problem removing it from the wall, particularly since the backdrop is only hanging there very temporarily. The blue tape is painter’s tape – seems to be easier on that little quilt than the gaffer’s tape. I know these pictures aren’t professional,or even great quality, but they work for my purposes and it’s fun to do them myself. Plus it’s free! That’s number 56 I was photographing at the time.

Thanks for reading! And happy quilting!

2 thoughts on “The 100 Day Project, Part 3

  1. Despite your modest description I think the photography looks smashing, and you are kind to share your tricks of the trade with us. Looking forward to seeing the next 40 squares, and the little creatures or objects that show up next to the squares – they often provide just the right pop of color.

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