The 100 Day Project: Part 2

Quilt Designs 11 – 30

The 100 Day Project continues! So far so good. For the most part I’ve stayed on a daily posting schedule – but only because I made several quilt blocks ahead. I’ve been so busy with customer quilts that it’s been hard to get time to quilt for myself. But, that’s ok – it’s not important that I actually finish in 100 days straight, just that I eventually finish the 100 days.

A few things I’ve learned already – I’m very influenced by color. The bright blocks have been much more inspiring and joyful to quilt than the drab colors (ok, that’s literally a value judgement – this pale green below may be your favorite color, and if so, I apologize for calling it drab). I’ve kind of known this about myself already – it’s harder for me to figure out what to quilt on a customer quilt top if I’m not drawn to the color palette. But, that’s why I like to quilt for other people – makes me consider colors I would normally ignore, if not outright shun.

The second thing I’ve discovered is not profound in the least – but I’m learning some Instagram ettiquette. It has been quite fun to go to the #the100dayproject and see what other crafters and artists are doing – there’s some impressive stuff out there. Not a lot of fabric and fiber art, so I’ve tried to love on them in particular. I’ve gathered that if you like someone’s post, they may in turn like yours back, or even follow you. In general, the Instagram world has been very kind – and oddly people often comment on a design I’m very happy with – funny, as I type this it’s just occured to me that maybe they feel sorry for me, so they’re loving on me too… ha! Whatever, it worked and made me feel better about a lame design – so I’ll take it! Also I’ve learned how to block unwanted overtures… the “Hey Baby…” sort of comments. Really?? What is it about a quilt design that would invite such attention?? But I digress.

In terms of organization – I wish I had put more thought into something other than the color order (maybe you can begin to tell I’m going in rainbow order, just started with G – then BIV and on to ROY eventually). I wish I would’ve done, say 10 feathers, then 10 designs on a grid, then 10 edge to edge designs etc. but obviously this haphazard way is fun too.

The gallery below shows designs 11 – 30. The actual 100 Day Project is further along, so if you want to see the most current designs check out #bluebeaglequilts100days for my posts, and #the100DayProject (there’s over a million posts so maybe start with “recent”) or this year’s specific one #the100DayProject2019. Thanks for reading, I do appreciate it!

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