A Baby Quilt in Two Colorways


A sweet friend of mine was recently blessed with a new grand baby (well, ok it’s been a year ago) and I made a quilt for the little guy. The quilt was given in a timely fashion, unlike this blog post which is rather late! But – that’s because I ended up making two of the same quilt, and wanted to post about them both! My friend liked the one I made for her, so she later commissioned me to make another – this time for a friend of hers who was about to have a grand baby herself. I think it’s fun to see the same quilt done in two different color ways – color can make such a difference in the way a quilt feels and what part of the pattern recedes and what part stands out.

This is a traditional block, called a jewel box. Historically, the background was typically black, but I wanted a softer palate for a baby quilt, so went with white instead. I used a paper piecing technique to get the small blocks nice and precise, then sewed four of the same color together to make the “O” shaped bigger blocks. I also embroidered the babies’ names in the corners – you’ll have to squint to see the name on the blue one, but it shows up well enough in person.

Just a short post today, but thanks for reading and Happy Quilting!


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