Graffiti Quilting and an Applique Feather


I saw this pattern by Madisen Hastings, called Aviary, in the shop window of Main Street Quilting Company while visiting our son in Bozeman, MT – it stopped me in my tracks! I love this! The rainbow arrangement of the colors, and the long, narrow aspect of the design make this quilt eye-catching.


I knew when I saw the pattern that we had the perfect spot – way, WAY up high in our cabin out in the country. We had to have help hanging this – it required a scaffold and nerves of steel! But now that it’s up, I couldn’t be happier.

I had some serious fun doing the graffiti quiltng around the feather itself – of course at the height it’s hanging, you can’t really appreciate the quilting, only the texture. But if you go upstairs you can see it well, so I’m happy with that. I used two layers of batting – one wool and one a cotton/poly blend to give the quilting as much loft as possible.


My husband made the hanging rod and hooks for me in his blacksmith shop – such a nice job on the arrow heads!

Such a fun project – from the beautiful pattern to the time spent on my long arm quilting away – truly one of the most enjoyable quilts I’ve ever made 🙂

9 thoughts on “Graffiti Quilting and an Applique Feather

  1. That is beautiful. You are such a talent, my friend! Love, Jamie

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  2. The pictures are great, BUT they do not do this quilt hanging justice – this piece is just gorgeous!! The moment I saw the quilt it provided a wisp away feeling filled with energy and harmony….truly a piece of art!!

    1. I know this is an old post, but I saw this in the same shop! I love what you’ve done with it, graffiti quilting) I am making this into a queen sized quilt, my daughter fell in love! I was wondering if you remembered the background fabric from the display piece. Thanks for sharing this!!

      1. Hi Patti – oh my goodness a queen size out of this would be to die for!! How wonderful! I don’t remember the background fabric, I’m sorry to say. I really should credit that kind of thing on blog posts… you’ve given me a reminder to start doing that! The fabric had a herringbone tone on tone design – maybe you could google that? Thanks for commenting and the kind words! I would love to see your finished quilt 😊

  3. The applique AND the quilting is gorgeous. No wonder you were stopped in your tracks. Could you give me the over all dimensions please. BTW, what a cabin! Reminds me of a resort. I am drooling over both 🙂 One more thing, did you do your own quilting?

    1. Kind words – much appreciated! Overall dimensions are roughly 25″ x 90″ -very long and narrow. Yes, I do my own quilting – I have a Baby Lock long arm machine and have been happily quilting with it for about 3 years. Before that I used a domestic machine. Thanks so much for the comments!

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