Nautical Flags For Two Nautical Themed T-Shirt Quilts

These two quilts were made for two sons in memory of their father – who was a was an avid sailor and sail boat owner. The father also designed t-shirts for the sail boat regattas held just across the state line at a large lake – so not only do the sons have t-shirts worn their father, but several designed by him as well!

The nautical flags at the top of the quilts, sort of in a “V” shape spell out the dad’s first name, then down at the very bottom they spell his last name. The two boys’ initials are spelled out where you see three flags in a row near the bottom of the quilt on the left, and near the middle of the quilt on the right.

I was able to use two chest pockets on these polo shirts – I left them open so they are still in “pocket” form and could hold a note or trinket for when the quilts are wrapped and ready for giving. And much of the fabric around the t-shirts was cut from the boys’ dad’s swim trunks – I was able to save a zippered pocket for each quilt.

These two quilts are a good example of why working on t-shirt quilts is so rewarding – so many memories for the recipient! One of those kinds of gifts that you can’t wait to give – you know what I mean I’m sure – you can’t wait to see their faces when they open the package. I know these quilts be a special and unexpected treat – and I’m just glad to be a part of it all!

6 thoughts on “Nautical Flags For Two Nautical Themed T-Shirt Quilts

  1. These are really wonderful and will certainly be treasured! What a fantastic job you have done on making them very very special! Wow!!

  2. These are absolutely amazing! The thought that you put in to each and every detail is mind-blowing, especially to someone like me who can barely sew on a button. I am in awe. These will be treasured for generations!

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